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Humic acid

Humic acid is the water insoluble organic acid naturally present in soil organic matter. Humic acid is not a single compound, but rather a collection of different molecular weight compounds with similar characteristics. Humic acid is usually defined by the process through which is isolated, rather than by a particular chemical structure. Humic acid provides a source of soil building carbon.

Humic acid for Plants and Soil:
Various growth promoting compounds such as vitamins, amino acids and auxins are formed as organic matter decays. These substances may at times stimulate growth in both higher plants and soil microorganisms. Small quantities of both fulvic and humic acids in the soil solution are known to enhance certain aspects of plant growth.
1.Provides source of organic carbon - a substrate for soil microbs.
2.Stimulates growth and proliferation of beneficial heterotrophic soil micro organisms.
3.Enhances plants natural resistance against disease and pest.
4.Stimulates root respiration, root growth vertically to enhance uptake of nutrients.
5.Increases germination of seed and viability.
6.Stimulates overall plant growth and biomass development by accelerating cell division for thicker cells walls in fruit and vegetables for prolonged storage and shelf life, with improved appearance of crop and higher yields.

Potasium humate

Potassium humate is the potassium salt of humic acid. It is manufactured by alkaline extraction of brown coal, to be used mainly as a soil conditioner. It is used in agriculture as a fertilser additive to increase the efficiency of fertilisers especially nitrogen and phosphorus based fertiliser inputs.

Potassium Humate fertilizer for soil:
1. Improve soil physical properties, increase the ion exchange capacity,change soil granular structure;
2. Help reten nutrition in soil for easier absorption of plants,keep fertilizer and water from losing;
3. Change soil structure, offer eco-friendly space for activities of varable beneficial microorganisms;
4. Enhance the decomposition of pesticide residues or natural toxic substances in soil;
5. Regulate soil PH Value;
6. Promote the conversion of a number of elements into forms available to the plants.

Potassium Humate fertilizer for plants:

1. Directly influence the metabolism of cell, improve the efficiency of plants breathing and photosynthesis;
2. Enhance plants stress-tolerance ability , such as drought, cold or disease resistance abilities;
3. Release nutrition needed for plants after dissolving;
4. Strong plants root, increase crops production, improve quality of fruits;

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